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Love your heart!

Help maintain a healthy heart

Help maintain healthy cholesterol levels

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Pack size 30 or 100 tablets
Active ingredient Allicin
Weight of standardised dry extract 300mg dried garlic powder
Amount of active ingredient 1800ug Allicin
Dosage 1 tablet per day

Kwai is the UK's leading garlic supplement



Extensive scientific studies show that garlic may help keep your heart healthy by maintaining healthy levels of cholesterol in your bloodstream - vital if you want to stay fit and active. Kwai is the most researched garlic supplement in the world, providing a guaranteed 1800 µg of allicin. Each tablet is also coated 60 times to be odour free. Taken daily as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, it is considered by many to be an essential part of their daily routine.

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Grown with care

Grown with careGarlic (allium sativum) has been valued since ancient Egyptian times. Today, many people still consider it one of nature's most valuable herbs.

The garlic we use is cultivated in China where it has the optimum growing conditions and has to meet a variety of strict criteria including minimum hours of sunshine and maximum soil acidity levels. This degree of care ensures that plants are harvested at their absolute peak so they produce the highest yield of allicin - garlic's recognised active ingredient.

Made with precision

After gently drying the garlic to preserve its active allicin content we use state of the art processing methods to extract, purify and measure it. Every Kwai Garlic tablet contains a concentrated, standardised 300mg of dried garlic powder, providing a guaranteed 1800µg of allicin LI 111. Absolute accuracy means you can be confident you will get this same dose every time. They are odour free and suitable for long-term use.

Important Notice

No serious side effects have been observed on taking Kwai Garlic tablets. However, if you are allergic or hypersensitive to garlic do not take Kwai.

The Kwai Range has not been tested with pregnant women

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Kwai Heartcare


  • Helps maintain a healthy heart
  • Supports healthy cholesterol levels
  • Guaranteed allicin yield 1800 micrograms





kwai heartcare
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Kwai Heart + Immune


  • Maintains a healthy heart
  • Supports healthy cholesterol
  • Maintains a healthy immune system
  • Guaranteed allicin yield 1800 micrograms
kwai ace one a day
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